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ORLANDO'S OWN CENTRAL FLORIDA DOODLES is located just NE of Orlando, Florida (Longwood).  We offer Mini, Medium and Standard Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles with pedigrees from Australian lines which can be traced back to the original Rutland Manor and Tegan Park pedigrees.  

CFL DOODLES breeds for soundness and temperament first followed by lovely no shed, allergy friendly coats so admired in the Labradoodle.  Our goal is to always produce the highest quality Labradoodles and better the breed standard.

Our Labradoodles are confident, joyful, vivacious, clown-like, sociable and friendly. They are totally non aggressive, clever and extremely intuitive.

Loyal and devoted to family, most love water and are natural swimmers and retrievers. Active and athletic when free, but melt into mellowness when touched by human hands.

We send our pups home spay or neutere, age appropriate shots and Florida Certified Health Certificate.  We also provide your puppy's first blanket (with mom and littermate's scent) collar, leash and puppy starter kit.

CFL DOODLES does NOT practice inbreeding or line breeding.  These are breeding techniques that involve breeding parents and grandparents with their own offspring.  This type of breeding should only be done by professionals who precisely track and test DNA results to prevent genetic flaws and diseases from being passed down to later generations...generations that wind up in homes like yours.  Unfortunately, professionals are not the only ones practicing this type of breeding, and that often results in serious health problems which show up later in their puppies.

We fully understand that some line-breeding was necessary in the earlier stages of developing standards for Australian Labradoodles.  This was accomplished by re-introducing genetically sound dogs with genetically sound related dogs, and it was done by professionals who were adding or modifying genetic traits that improved the breed.

At CFL DOODLES we use only proven dogs in and provide puppies free
from line-breeding pedigrees.  This helps to ensure that you will receive a healthy puppy free of the types of genetic diseases that can plague dogs who come from pedigrees in which line-breeding was heavily utilized.

All of our Doodles are born and raised in homes, nurtured and socialized. They spend ample time inside and out.  We expose our puppies to different household noises and different outside stimuli.  For instance, grass, concrete, tile, rug and mud!  These pups are well socialized and loved making the transition from our home to yours easy on you and your new puppy.

All our puppies are Health Guaranteed for TWO years

Check out some of the testimonials on our "Oodles of Doodles" page to see what our owners are saying about their new puppy! 

We believe the highest compliment we can receive is from the families who have adopted their family member from us.

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Even if you don't adopt a puppy from us, please avoid
Puppy Stores & Backyard breeders. 
Adopt from Reputable Breeders who are protecting our Beloved Labradoodles
by health testing their breeding stock.
Most Pet Shops buy from Puppy Mills and/or backyard breeders.
Please note that we are not affiliated nor do we sell to any Labradoodle Puppy Brokers in Florida or anywhere else. It is well known that puppies purchased from puppy broker sites are almost always from puppy mills. Their puppy mill operations can be very well disguised through these sites. A reputable breeder does not have trouble selling their own puppies and will never use a broker.